Sydney Australia in April

Okay, I’m a bit behind on my posting. I’m only up to April!! Yikes! I am going to do my best to get caught up, so in the next few days, you will see lots of new blog posts!

Our flight left Singapore at 2 am on a Saturday morning. Which to the kids, is really just very late Friday night. They had school all day, then swim practice, then the boys had a friend come over to the house. We left our condo for the airport at 11 pm. Needless to say, the kids were exhausted. After fueling up on a last minute footlong from Subway


and yes, I threatened Son #1 with his life if he dared to stow some of that sandwich in his backpack and try to bring it into Australia. Don’t know what I am talking about? Then see this post from December:

The kids were out cold in the airport while waiting for that flight.





Sydney in April, it’s everything we could have dreamt of. Our first night in town, we were lucky to stay in the Harbour. We were on the 33rd floor of the Shangri La Hotel, and we had the most awesome view of the harbour.

Well, the sun didn’t last long, because that afternoon we were on an America’s Cup Sailboat cruising in Darling Harbour, and it was overcast, cold and raining. It rained the entire time we were on the boat. We all had a blast anyhow, a little rain doesn’t’ get in our way of a good time.



We cruised right past the Opera House!







I kept thinking about Finding Nemo, isn’t that just crazy?? I was thinking about all the little fishes in the water, and of course I asked my new friend Captain Peter ( pronounced “Pete-ah” ) and he told me all kinds of stories about sharks in the harbor. One story was about a Navy diver who was cleaning up and working on the props on one of the military ships and he was attacked by a shark, it bit his leg clean off. Another story was that there was a study launched to see how many sharks were actually in the harbor, they were given two years to catch and tag sharks, and they were shocked to be able to finish the study within only two months, because they actually caught their quota that quickly. So yes, there are sharks in the Harbour.

Here’s a selfie of me and Pete-ah


This was our only true day of sight seeing, because the next day the Australian National Swim Meet began, and we were staying in an apartment that we rented for the week.

The same time of the swim meet, the Royal Easter Show was also occurring, all at the Sydney Olympic Park. We had heard that Prince William and Duchess Kate, and Prince George were all in Australia for the week, and were expected to make an appearance at the Royal Easter Show. I was so excited, I really wanted to see the royal couple. When the day came, however, I chose to stay at the swim meet, sitting around for hours and hours to see Son #1 swim about 3 minutes. Daughter #1 and Sone #2, however, walked over to see if they might be able to catch a glimpse of the pair. Keep in mind that the Royal Easter Show is HUGE, comparable to a State Fair in the USA. I thought that there was no way my two kids would get lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time, and be able to push their way through the crowds.

Well, I was wrong.

They did in fact see Prince William and Duchess Kate. Here is a video they were able to take.

I nearly cried when I saw this, they  were so excited, but very casual, when they told me about their adventure. I was so happy for them, but so so so sad for myself. It IS after all, about me. And I missed my opportunity to see the Royal couple!!!! I’m still kind of mad about this. Wouldn’t you be too??

Later in the week, we were able to take an afternoon that we were free and we made the quick trek to the famous Bondi Beach. It’s pronouced “Bond-I”, not “Bond-E”, by the way.


This place is known all over the country for how gorgeous this beach is, and also for the show on television “Bondi Rescue” where the lifeguards are constantly saving really dumb beachgoers who are completely unaware of what rip currents are. It’s quite funny in fact, and if you ever get the chance to watch it, you must.

Here is a picture of Daughter #1 with two of the guards who are on the show.


It was very windy and kind of cold, but Son #2 braved the weather and did some body surfing. I was terrified the entire time, never took my eyes off of him, because the week prior to our visit, a lady was attacked and killed by a shark on this very beach!!!

After surviving his swim, we took some photos in front of the famous lifeguard station, watching this artist spray paint the wall, bought some souvenirs, lost hubby’s credit card (which we were able to get deactivated before it was even used), collected some sand in a gatorade bottle for our sand collection, and made it back to our rented apartment without missing a beat.

We all totally loved our visit to Bondi Beach, and highly recommend taking the time to visit this iconic beach.









Lastly, I have to say we LOVE the birds in Australia. The lorikeets and white cockatoos make such a racket beginning at 4:30 am, it’s unbearable. And I absolutely loved it.

And here are a couple pictures of some other crazy looking birds! How can you not love them!!



This was our third visit to Australia, and it was just as amazing as our first two visits! We love the Australians, they are warm and welcoming, with their no-worries laid back attitudes!,_New_South_Wales

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  1. NICE! What a great experience for you and your family! Love the stories you tell. Someday hoping we meet again…in person. Your kids are so lucky to be seeing all of these cool places!

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