30 Things about Me.

1. I have several middle names.

The birth certificate from when I was born reads “Laura Janine”, but when I was a dumb college kid, I couldn’t find my birth certificate when I applied for my first passport.  So I ordered a new one from the state of Pennsylvania. My duplicate came written “Laura Jeannie”, and  that’s how it is spelled on my wedding certificate.

On my kids birth certificates, United Hospital in St. Paul Minneosta wrote my name as “Laura Jean”,  which  then caused massive confusion when getting my passport renewed.

Apparently this confusion could only be taken care of by officially changing my name on my newest passport to “Laura J ”  And your passport documentation trumps all other documentation!

2. I love that my middle name is just “J”.

3. In college, I spent a summer working at the amusement Cedar Point   in Sandusky Ohio,  the year the Demon Drop first opened.  Even though I was a waitress in the only sit-down restaurant in the park, I started each day as a test rider for the roller coasters.   How ridiculously awesome is that?  Oh, and I lived in a dorm that was near a loop of one of the roller coasters, and every 47 seconds the screams were heard out my window.

6. After my second solid year of partying in college, I had the best summer ever living at the beach.  Working at Lambert’s on the boardwalk during the days  and then Tiffanys Night Club evenings  in Ocean City Maryland was a great way to spend the summer.  On Labor Day weekend I called my folks and told them I wasn’t returning to college. It devastated my parents, but it was the best decision I ever made.  This girl needed to grow up.

7. I did grow up and  return ( a year later ) and finish my education, earning Dean’s List four semesters in a row. My degree is in Hotel & Restaurant Management.

8. Which makes perfect sense, considering how much I like to eat. I love to eat. I eat when I am stressed, happy, sad, nervous, tired. I mostly love carbs, but am also very happy with something sweet. Or salty.

9.  But peanut butter is my absolute favorite. I eat a little bit of ice cream with my peanut butter. And I once ate a hamburger with peanut butter on it. (No, I didn’t ask for it special, it was on the menu that way! And how could I resist that?? I couldn’t!!) It was delicious, by the way.

10. I love to cook, and I really love to bake. I sort of lost that when my kids were born, and I am hoping to get back into it one of these days. I would really love to take a class to learn how to make those fancy cakes.

11. I adore the Cake Boss. Not only does he make the most fabulous cakes, he is also Italian!!

12.  I still haven’t gotten back into cooking and baking.

13.  I am proud to be Italian. But I’m not really Italian. Sadly, when my Uncle researched our family tree on my dad’s side, it turned out that we are Columbian. Columbian!! All my life, I knew I was special because I was Italian. My dad says “There are Italians and those who wish they were”. Even though my kids are mostly Norwegian, they believe they are mostly Italian. I still believe that I am Italian. But mess with me, and the Columbian in me will surface. Just saying that I am Colombian sounds scary.

14.  I recently researched my family tree on my moms side of the family, and am now a registered member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  My 7th great grandfather was the very handsome John Hart of New Jersey.  If you look closely at the Declaration of Independence, you’ll see John Harts signature!  He was a signer!!

15.  I can now prove direct lineage to the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.  At least three of my ancestors came to this country on the Mayflower!  I am in the process of applying to the Mayflower Society.

16. I knew almost immediately that I was going to marry Trent when I met him. My first date with him was June 28 and our wedding was November 28. Exactly five months, to the day.

17. We just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary!

18. I want my sons to grow up to be just like their daddy, and my daughter to marry a man who is just like her daddy. I pray every day for my kids to have marriages that are as solid and loving as their parents.

19. I still cannot believe that I have twin boys. My brain still goes ” woah! There’s two of them!” and they 20 years old!  I never ever expected to be a mom of twins!

20. I love to travel. I have been to Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Panama, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Carmen Islands, India, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. I desperately want to see more of the world.

21. Bucket list for travel; I want to see cherry blossoms in Japan, the crabs on Christmas Island. I’ve never been to Europe, but there is a certain tavern in Scotland I’d like to visit.

22. I am extremely extroverted and will talk to anyone, anywhere, any time. I can go to the grocery store and come out knowing the life story of the cashier. I have met taxi drivers who I can bond with in minutes. I frustrate my husband and kids constantly because of my “gift of gab”.  I love meeting new people and learning about them. If you look interesting to me, I will go out of my way to talk to you.

23. I love Kris Jenner. She has made a fortune out of nothing, she is the ultimate business woman. Sure some of the things she does are a bit sketchy and makes us shake our heads in disbelief. I’m pretty sure she does all that on purpose. She’s got you all talking about her, right? Brilliant.  Plus she is hilarious.

24. I don’t think the order of the planets is important.

26. I stuck in a elevator for over two hours when I was 9 months pregnant. My daughter was also stuck in an elevator once.  I also once had a severe case of “elevator finger” from pushing the elevator buttons too hard.

27.  I get headaches before storms.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a rain storm or a snow storm.  I know it’s coming way before anyone else.

28. I am a master gardener.  I love anything to do with gardening, gardening design, and gardening art.  I have a little side business where I make and sell garden art on Etsy.


29.  I rescued dog from a pound in Chicago and trained her to be a therapy dog.  Her first in-hospital visit was to visit one of our sons.  And a few years ago I helped a local pet rescue group by taking in a 4 week old kitten who was taken from her mom and was starving.  I syringe fed her, bottled fed her, and fell in love with her!  She shouldn’t have survived her ordeal, but she had too much will power.  We named her Willow, short for Princess WillPower.

30.  When I was just little, I told Curly Neal from the Harlem globetrotter that I loved him and said he loved me too.  That was elementary school. As an adult I told Jon Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival  that same thing and all he said was “thank you”, but then he did give me his set list so that made up for the fact he doesn’t love me.


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