My very own “Three Star Gods”

After being distracted by the two snakes in one day ordeal at the pottery place, I gave up on my trying to choose a Peranakan piece, and instead choose to get my very own trio of Chinese deities.

Three wise men are Chinese gods who are ” Fu, Lu, & Shou”. They are also called gods of Longevity, Prosperity, and Fortune. They are used in Chinese culture to denote the three attributes of a good life. The start of the worship of these Gods is said to be from Ming dynasty, however they are no longer worshipped in the traditional sense, but they are considered auspicious by Chinese around the world.

Fu , is the happiness and wealth god, he stands for good luck and harmony, is taller than the other two Star Gods when being represented artistically, and is always placed in the center. Favors are asked of him on the twentieth day of the seventh lunar month. He holds a gold ingot.

Lu is the god of rank and affluence, stands for authority, power, and wealth. He is often depicted as holding a child or a sceptre of power. He symbolizes one’s ability to better oneself and reap high rewards. Having many children is considered a blessing by Chinese.

Shou is the god of good health and longevity. He is recognized by his high, domed forehead and the peach which he carries as a symbol of immortality.

These gods are often seen as a set in many Chinese homes. Depictions of them are used widely in feng shui.

How to Place Three Wise Men:
Fu, Lu, and Shou should be placed side by side in one row – Fu is on your left side, Lu is in the center and Shou is on your right side when you look at them. They can be displayed on the table in your living room or dining area facing inside (not directly facing the main door if facing outside). The level of table can’t be too low. In addition, you cannot display them under the beam or facing to the bathroom.

So many superstitions, taboos, should & should not rules to follow! Fascinating!!


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