Things you didn’t know about pythons in Singapore

Okay, ever since the python in the pool incident, I am freakishly hyper-focused on pythons in Singapore.  So I did some digging, and here's some information about them, this is my list of things you probably didn't know about pythons in Singapore. **   Back when there was more 'wild' space in Singapore, snakes were more … Continue reading Things you didn’t know about pythons in Singapore

“12 Year A Slave” Movie Rejects

You've seen it, right?  "12 Years A Slave" was a great movie, about American history.  It's a true story, and we Blinkmans, along with millions and millions of other people in the world, wanted to see this movie. We bought our tickets, at $11 each, asking the ticket attendant if perhaps there was a discount for … Continue reading “12 Year A Slave” Movie Rejects

Ganesha under a tree

Walking through a park yesterday, I noticed this small Ganesha under a random tree off the path, and found it to be quite interesting. In a landscape of all green, it was shockingly colorful, and anything but ordinary. I couldn't help my mind from wondering who put it there? How long ago? Do they come … Continue reading Ganesha under a tree

“One of these things”

This picture is of all the 12 year olds who competed for Swimfast Aquatics on Sunday for the 29th Annual Junior Inter-Club Meet.   I LOVE this photo, but when I look at it, I cannot help but start singing that Sesame Street song, you know the one, "One of these this is not like the … Continue reading “One of these things”

Rachel thinks we are worth Priority Mail prices

My sister Rachel sent a box to us, all the way from Iowa.  The silly girl used Priority Mail!!   She went shopping and picked out some items for us that would be perfect for our first Halloween abroad. She filled out the mandatory customs form, and off the box went, straight to Singapore.   … Continue reading Rachel thinks we are worth Priority Mail prices

A Monkey takes a dip in the condo pool!

Our condo,  called "Gallop Green" has the most beautiful pool.  Being a family that centers nearly all of our activities around a pool, swimming, or water, this pool was very appealing to us when we were trying to find a home here in Singapore.  The kids took one look at it, and declared that this … Continue reading A Monkey takes a dip in the condo pool!

Two weeks later ….

I cannot believe that it’s been two weeks past since my last post.   LIfe here in Sing is starting to get more settled for us here.  As we only arrived with clothes and some personal effects, I had to get busy setting up the condo and making it livable for us.  Fortunately, during Trents … Continue reading Two weeks later ….

How much do we know about Singapore?

In the past month, we realized that we know very little about our soon-to-be new home.  Trent traveled to Asia last year, so he has an idea of what Singapore is about.  The kids and I?  Well,we know NOTHING.  So, after some very basic internet researching, this is what I now know: 1.  Singapore is … Continue reading How much do we know about Singapore?