Empty nesters sell the nest

There’s been a lot of changes for us in the last few years. And I mean A LOT.

Our last kiddos left for college, one on the east coast, and one on the west coast. Being empty nesters and the new “work from home” freedom, we decided to take advantage of the housing market. We sold our home. And just about everything in it. We sold the nest.

We bought an RV, and decided to live full time in the RV. With our two cats. We hit the road, our first stop South Dakota for a couple weeks. Why?? You’ll see that in my next post … so stay tuned for that.

We lived in our home for over 17 years (minus the few we were in Asia), so you would think it would have been hard to leave it. But it really wasn’t. Yeah, I had a lovely wall chart with the kids yearly growth measurements that was hard to leave. But that was the only thing that I was sad about.

The hard thing was letting go of our “stuff”. You know the kind of stuff that accumulates, kids stuff, electronics, uniforms, photo albums, trophies, holiday decorations, kitchen stuff, knick knacks, linens, games, books, crafts, we all have it. But then we also had two barns full of my husbands “stuff”. Tractors, motorcycles, tools, gardening stuff, hoses, weightlifting equipment … and moving into an RV doesn’t allow for all that stuff. We all just have too much stuff.

I had a garage sale every singe weekend for an entire summer. Every. Single. Weekend. I made daily donations to shelters, to Vietnam vets, to Goodwill, Salvation Army. I just kept getting rid of things. I had a method to my madness, and yes, I’ll tell you how I whittled down all our belongings and only kept what would fit into an RV.

So keep reading, stay tuned, subscribe to the Blinkman Buzz!!


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