Chocolate Chip Cookies

My daughter loves to bake, and she especially loves to make chocolate chip cookies. So one night a couple of months ago, she decided to teach Leny how to make the cookies too.

We are the first American family that Leny has worked for, so chocolate chip cookies were new to her. She tells me all the time that I only like to eat food that is “sweet sweet” … like pineapple, chocolate, apple pie, chocolate, ice cream, chocolate. Ok, I really love chocolate. She likes to eat rice, chicken, mangos, even for breakfast!




The two of them had a great time together!


This is where I buy all our baking supplies, it’s a fabulous little store by Holland Village, tucked away on a side road called “Chip Bee Gardens”. It’s very small inside, like you need to turn sideways to get down the aisles. They have the frozen berries that are so hard to find in Singapore, giant bricks of cream cheese, all kinds of decorating tools and icings, nuts, and bulk chocolate chips!




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