Sharing the road with motorcycles

Sharing the road with motorcycles. That’s what we do here! It’s about constantly looking in the rear-view mirrors for motorcycles that are coming up on you. They overtake the cars & trucks, passing right on the dividing line, sometimes with barely enough room to squeeze through. They weave in and out while at high speeds, risking their lives, and everyone else too. It’s terrifying.

I completely understand their need to drive the bikes … they are more economical, in many ways. If I was a long time resident, I’d have a bike too. But, it’s like the wild west here. The bikes rule the road, and yes, there are many fatal accidents here.

When I took my driving test to be a licensed driver here in Singapore, there was not one mention in the study booklet about the motorcycles. Not. One. Word. Why?? A lot of them are Malaysian, they drive into Sing for the day and return home at night. I suppose that since they are not registered vehicles in Singapore, it’s like they are treated with indifference, they are invisible.

My friend Jackie and I went to our kids “Meet The Teacher Night” at school last night, and it just so happens that the Singapore American School is right near Malaysia. So on our drive to school, I took a couple quick videos to show you all what it is like driving here. These are small snapshots of driving in Singapore!! Enjoy!! (btw, Jackie has the same crazy outgoing nutty personality that I have, so when we are together, look out!!)

Oh, and YES, I did pass my written driving test, back in April. I had waited so long to sign up, that by the time I was able to get it scheduled, I had to wait for 6 weeks, and so then I HAD to pass. If I would have failed the test, then there would’t be time to reschedule and retake the test, and then I would have lost my insurance. And that, my fiends, is something I cannot live without. I studied the book, and I used the apps.


Yes, I passed the test!!



And for everyone who knows my smarty-pants husband, I just want to put this out there … He missed two questions on the test and I only missed ONE!!



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