Trent has traveled around the world in the last year, so he is up to date on all his vaccines.  The kids and I, well, we are a different story.  The 3M Relocation people gave us a list of "recommended" vaccines, and after reading and re-reading the list, doing some internet research on various diseases … Continue reading Vaccines!

How much do we know about Singapore?

In the past month, we realized that we know very little about our soon-to-be new home.  Trent traveled to Asia last year, so he has an idea of what Singapore is about.  The kids and I?  Well,we know NOTHING.  So, after some very basic internet researching, this is what I now know: 1.  Singapore is … Continue reading How much do we know about Singapore?


Yes, we are moving to Singapore!   And if you are interested in keeping up with the Blinkman Buzz, then you are at the right place!!   Stay tuned for updates as we Blinkmans prepare for an international move with two cats, and then continue to follow this blog to stay in the loop about … Continue reading SINGAPORE!