About Us.

I began blogging back in 2013, almost immediately upon finding out my husband was being “deployed” , and knowing that we were going on the adventure of a lifetime. This on-line journal documented some of our daily lives & adventures of our family while we were expats in Singapore.  I am always looking for adventure and to explore where my feet are planted. I am not one bit shy and will talk to anyone, take photos with them, learn their stories.

We have returned to the United States, the kids all graduated from high school and are in college.  (Stay tuned to find out where they are! ) I started a business.  And then another.   The adventures keep coming, I just was too busy to post about it all!

With this crazy 2020 year, I have been able to get caught up on a long to-do list, and now I finally have the time to finish and continue this blog!  Returning back to the states, getting the kids settled again and working to get life on a routine took all my attention, and I never finished documenting some of our crazy adventures! 

Look for my updates soon about Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines

Here are just some of our stories !   Subscribe to this blog, watch some of my best videos, and enjoy!


  1. Hi Terri! Just bookmark this page and check back every couple of days! This is where I will post the updates, since most of my family & friends are NOT on facebook. I still have to figure out this blog stuff … hoping I can post videos …so stay tuned!!!

  2. You have been bookmarked on my toolbar! I don’t have many things on my toolbar, so you are WAY UP THERE in importance! I think I like squirrels better than monkeys, they don’t attack.

  3. love the blog. looking forward to following the adventures of the blinkman family. you are going to do great!

  4. Hi there,I read your article named “Blinkman Buzz” like every week. Your writing style is spectacular, keep up the good work! And you can see my website about 藍光影片.

  5. Hey Trent, I was just looking around the web and thought I’d see what my ol’ friend from 3rd grade is up to these days. Little did I know that you’re just around the corner in Singapore (sorta!). We live in Perth, Western Australia. We’ve got LOTS of friends in Singapore and visit there every now and then. Anyway, I’ll bookmark your blog and read regularly. Great to see you’re doing well. You’re a long way from Minnesota! 🙂 Best regards, Max

    • Oh my gosh! Max Randall! Trent is so excited! We were just talking about you not long ago ( and your guinea pig Big Red) , and that we wanted to look you up! Wow! You made Trent’s day!!

  6. You go girl!!! So nice to be able to track nephew Trent & the family. I always ask Dale about your whereabouts, but don’t need to any more – great job Laura! Did you make it to Australia & New Zealand over the Christmas holiday? As a tour director that was one of my two favorite destinations in the world. Love to all, Janice

    • HI Janice! We LOVE Australia, have been there twice now, with plans to go back in April. There are so many places to go and see, I don’t want to keep repeating Australia, but we found the swimming there to be very competitive, and they are welcoming to us at their meets. Trent travels ALL the time … India, Hong Kong, Bangkok, China, Jakarta, Japan, Korea, and more!!

  7. Hi Laura, I am the founder of Food Playground, a hands-on cultural cooking school that focuses on Singapore’s food culture and heritage. I’d like to get in touch with you to invite you to an authentic cultural experience.

  8. This is such a funny and informative blog! You have a gift for writing that really makes the reader feel like they are there with you. My husband was just offered an expat position in Singapore, so your blog is helpful as we are wrestling with the very big decision of whether to stay or go. I have three kids – 15, 13 and 8, and if we go, we would definitely want them at the Singapore American School. They are all up for the adventure, so it’s just me trying to wrap my brain around it at this point. It would be really hard to leave our families behind, and I have a dress design business that I would have to leave as well (www.jboccaccio.net), though I’m thinking about bringing all of my patterns and fabric with me and trying to find a small manufacturer there. Lots of unknowns, but reading your blog definitely helps shed light on what could be in store for us. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    • Hi! You will love singapore! My email is Laura.blinkman@me.com . Send me any questions that you have! I am happy to help you!! Are you in Facebook? There is a fabulous closed group for Singapore Expat Wives. Find me on Facebook and I’ll add you to the group! Laura

  9. Hi Laura, I am organising a bloggers networking event for bloggers in Singapore to meet and share their ideas and tips and potentially grow our own readerships and networks by working with each other. Would you be interested in attending this kind of event? If so, let me know via email. Thanks, Lucy

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