My Etsy Store: Tree Jewelry Garden Art

Did you know that I have an Etsy store? I started my store 11 years ago, and my one and only product that I make is “Tree Jewelry”

I began making Tree Jewelry by accident. Literally.  

I had an accident back in 2011, and broke both of my heels at the same time. I was so frustrated, it was so hard to not be able to walk, do my normal things, live my normal life. At the time my kids were 10, 8, and 8.  

One day while trying to maneuver with a casted foot & crutches and not stepping down on the other foot, I dropped a mirror and it broke up in large pieces, and when I looked at the glass all over the floor … I had an inspiration!! I fiddled around and came up with the very first rough string of tree jewelry. And I sold it at Chickadee Boutique, a fabulous boutique in Shoreview, Minnesota. Jacci, the owner of the boutique is the one who gave my garden art it’s name.

From there I kept trying to refine and make it prettier, it was slow going at first, and I was starting to get orders, but soon after our family moved to Asia for a few years, so I packed it all away and forgot about it. But when we repatriated to the states, I picked it up again, and I’m stunned that today my little store in in the top 5% of all Etsy stores worldwide!!

I had to enlist my husband to cut all the mirror for me. Bless his heart, to this day he still hand cuts every last piece of mirror, which he estimates to be over 14,000 individual tiles a month!!

Want a discount?? Use this code: BLINKMANBUZZ20

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