Short Course Meters Championship in Perth Australia

Swim. It’s what we do.

Our lives revolve around the pool. It’s practice practice and practice, and then the boys get to compete once in a while. Back in the states, they could compete every other week, every week if they wanted. But here in Singapore, meets are far and few between.

There is really only one meet a year here in Singapore, the national meet, in March. ONE MEET A YEAR!! Hundreds and hundreds of swimmers, probably 50 olympic size pools, and only one meet a year. It’s been really frustrating to us, and a big disappointment as well. So to keep in good racing condition, we make the commitment to find good competitions for sons #1 & 2.  Fortunately for us, Perth Australia is a quick 5 hour plane trip. We have been so lucky to be invited to participate in their championship meets, and so in early October, the boys and I packed up for a long weekend in gorgeous Australia.

The trip started off really bad though, as our flight out of Singapore was delayed 8 hours. And to make it worse, we were already through customs and at the gate when Jetstar announced this delay, so we had no choice but to sleep in the airport. It was pretty miserable for the boys, sleeping on the concrete floor, using their Arena swim bags as pillows.

The 5 hour commute to Perth ended up taking 15 hours, but after a miserable start to this trip, we did end up having a wonderful trip and a very successful swim meet.

I love Western Australia for so many reasons.  Cottlesloe is my favorite town.  It’s a smallish size city on the beach.  The weather for this visit was lovely, with warm days and cool nights. Their beaches are AMAZING, but be careful, because there are sharks in the area, and attacks do happen.

It was spring time when we were there, and so the flowers were blooming everywhere. I especially love the bottlebrush tree,  this time of year they  bloom so heavy the branches lean over from them.  They are really quite the site.



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