Human Body Experience

The Science Center Singapore recently had an exhibit called “The Human Body” and from the little I had seen and heard about this temporary exhibit, I just knew I had to take my kids to experience this.

It was quite interesting, to say the least. It all began with a journey down the food tube:



And yes, you were then swallowed alive!


You literally climb into the mouth to begin your journey through the human body! I nearly peed my pants laughing, this was so funny. After traveling down the esophagus, then we were in the stomach. Next we found our selves in a pulsating lung, and in the picture below, here I am in the blood stream!


After trying to keep up with my three kiddos, who didn’t find this exhibit nearly as funny as I did, I found myself pushing my way out through … you guess it … the bum!


Only in Singapore my friends. Only in Singapore.

Oh, wondering what the next exhibit will be? I saw this sign while standing in line for our tickets, and yes, I do believe that I will be taking the kids to this one as well.




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