The Easter “Scoot” home from Sydney

Our return home to Sydney fell on Easter Sunday. My husbands flight left two hours earlier than the kids and I (he met us in Sydney as he was already in Australia for work the week prior to our arrival).

Sadly,  hubby’s  flight didn’t have the Easter entertainment that ours did, and being so quick with my iPhone (even though I was in a deep sleep with eye mask & ear plugs, I was able to record this for him. And for you, of course!

I really wanted to get up and dance with them, I had an aisle seat and was ready to jump up and boogie. I wanted to wave orchids, wear rabbit ears and grin with my buck teeth too. But the look of horror on Daughter #1’s face stopped me dead in my tracks. She knew what I was about to do, my daughter knows that there isn’t much I won’t do, I’ll never miss an opportunity to have some fun. She was terrified that I would embarrass her on a plane full of strangers. But I think she also knew that a video of me dancing on Scoot would go viral, and haunt her forever.

Well, this man beat me to it, and it looks like he was having a great time. I missed out on my opportunity to dance on a plane. You can be sure that next time I will be right there, dancing in the aisles!

On our way out of Changi airport, I not only got this great selfie of me and the Easter bunny, but that rabbit also gave me a piece of chocolate.



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