Christmas decorations at Lakefront Park in Hudson Wisconsin

Rumor has it that there is going to be a movie filmed in Hudson this month. And Lakefront Park is decorated to the nines! I heard it’ll either be a Lifetime movie or a Hallmark movie, and it’s going to be called “A Christmas Wish”.

I signed Trent up to be an extra. He’s got some good facial hair going still from No-Shave November, and he’s always wearing flannel. I think he would love to be in the background, sipping on a hot chocolate.

The exact dates of filming haven’t been made public, but if you want to get up close and walk through this gorgeous display of lights, it’s probably better to come by on a night when they aren’t filming. Hudson can be a little busy with the shutdown orders still in place in Minnesota, but when we walked through the park last night, there were only a handful of others.

If you haven’t taken photos for your Christmas card, this would be the perfect backdrop!

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