Blue Eyes, Part III

This should be the final update about my daughter’s eyes, as her eye condition has begun to heal and recover nicely.   At this moment we are feeling so blessed & fortunate that we have a happy ending to this story.  We knew there was something very serious going on with her eyes, but until yesterday, we really didn’t know how close we were to a much different ending to this chapter in our lives.

At our appointment yesterday, we learned that her vision has greatly improved, and the white spot is considerably smaller.   Dr. Lang gave us the newest results from one of the biopsies (she had four cornea biopsies done last week, each to test for different things, each with their own time frame), and it was quite shocking.

The most recent culture result came back positive for Pseudomonas … a very nasty bug.  A true “superbug”, no kidding.  He said this particular superbug will eat through the cornea within 48 hours.    When I brought her to the clinic last Thursday, she was probably 12 to 24 hours into this window.   This completely stopped me in my tracks.  I just couldn’t believe it.  I still cannot believe it.  How could this have happened???


Here is what Dr. Lang believes happened :  She did in fact have a severe allergic reaction to the environment on Saturday.  Despite antibiotic & steroid drops, the overall health of her eye was poor, and left her with zero eye-immunity. As a result she was susceptible to other icky things, and unfortunately, a superbug got her.   Pseudomonas is resistant to most antibiotics & treatment!   Dr. Lang, a self-proclaimed “eye dork” said that this is extremely rare & it was pretty exciting to see this, that he’s only seen it once or twice in her career.  (Do a google on pseudomonas and check out some of the images, but I warn you, be prepared to lose your appetite.)

Ok, pick me up off the floor now, because I cannot catch my breath.   He then went on to tell me that the antibiotic drops that he had her start taking Thursday IS effective against this superbug, and her eye is well on it’s way to recovering!!  Praise God for a clinic that could squeeze us into their busy line-up, for a knowledgeable physician, for access to antibiotics, and a daughter who follows directions and used the drops religiously!!

Now I’m dancing all over the place, jumping for joy!!  My sweet girl only has to put drops in her eyes four times a day now, for the next two weeks.   No contacts, no make-up (um, for a teenage girl, that is asking the impossible), she can return to swimming (as long as she wears goggles all the time).  The infection will continue to resolve, and with continued treatment & care, the white spot will slowly diminish in size and hopefully go away all together.   At worst it won’t go away, but will be a small white scar, serving as a reminder to how close she came to losing her vision.

Thank you for your continued prayers, phone calls, texts, and emails!  We are feeling blessed and grateful!



  1. Praise god Laura!!!!! So glad she is going to be ok. Had to of been so scary for all of you. Thank god you were demanding on having here seen by another doc. Hugs girl!!!!!

    • So glad to hear everything is turning out alright. How scary the outcome could have been had it not been for your fast response to the situation and all the other things falling in place. Take care and Laura THANK YOU for all the rides you have given Mikaila. She thinks the world of your family and you will be missed dearly by our family!

  2. Laura – I am so glad to hear of the recovery! That is great news! Good for you making sure she got the treatment she needed. Take a big sigh of relief, give Maria big hugs from all of us, and get back to your exciting adventure overseas!!! Miss ya girl! Do you think you will be in town at all before the big move?

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