House Hunters International

Got your attention by the title, huh?


Tomorrow the kids and I are headed to Singapore!  We have been counting down the days, and it’s finally here!   Kind of odd that we will be visiting this country for the first time, and we won’t be seeing things through “tourist eyes” but as “residents” .  Trent is so excited for us to get there, and to introduce us to our new homeland.   We have a busy agenda for the week:  find housing,   tours & orientation at Singapore American School, check out a couple of swim teams,  and see if we can find any of these monkeys that we keep hearing about.   Seeing the monkeys is a priority!

Our flight departs Minneapolis 3:00 in the afternoon, and 22 hours later we will arrive in our new host country.  And this includes only a one hour layover in Tokyo.  We will arrive at 1:30 am Monday morning.

TWENTY ONE hours in a plane!  OMGosh!  So many concerns, first being how on earth will I sit still that long?   And second,  do they serve cereal on international flights, because my twin boys need their cereal, and lots of it,  at least every 3 hours.

Hubby and I are going to do our best to hide our anxieties, fears, and worries as we introduce the kids to what will soon be their new home. The kids are extremely excited for this adventure, and we are going to make this next week as positive as possible so that they continue to embrace this change in our lives.

As far as housing is concerned, I really have no idea what to expect.  At this point, all I know is that we are expected to find a furnished place home.  Our assignment is for 2 years, and my husbands company considers that to be “short term” .  We won’t be sending a shipment, literally by ship, that the longer assignees get.  Instead we get two 4x4x4 air crates.

WHAT???  I get only two 4x4x4 crates?  For all of us???  OMGosh, yes, I will need a fully furnished house, with everything except mattresses, blankets, and pillows.

I better get myself scheduled for some therapy, because not only is it difficult to think about leaving all my stuff at home for two years, but also I am not crazy about the idea of using kitchen items, couches, desks, lamps, everything else in a house, that someone else has used.  Yes, I will need therapy, and lots of it.   I’m going to drop this subject for now … not a good way to start out my adventure week, right?  We will get back to this later.  Much later.

Anyhow, at least a dozen people have talked to me in the last month or so about HGTV’s hit series “House Hunters International”,  and  I thought, why not us?  So I contacted HGTV, and at their request,  I sent in our information:  a quick bio,  some photos, where we are moving too, what kind of housing we will be looking for, and the dates we will be checking out places in our new location.   THey made it clear that they needed an “interesting” family … lots of personality and drama, you know, makes for good tv.

Personality?  check.  Drama?  check.  (I’m talking about the kids, not me, for Pete’s sake)

Unfortunately, they needed more time to schedule out the taping, and as you know, we  don’t have more time.  We are on a tight schedule, and couldn’t rearrange it, not even for HGTV.  So we won’t be on TV, but we will do our best to document our own version of International House Hunters.  Stay tuned!!

Thank you to all the teachers of 6th grade Raider Blue and 8th grade Windsor at the Hudson Middle School who have been so flexible with  homework and studies for the kids,  Scott D. who will be helping with our pool opening while we are away, and to my friend Kathy H, who will be taking care of my furry babies, Jazz & Jayda.  We are incredibly blessed to have so many great people in our lives!!

Please say a prayer for safe traveling for us, lots of energy, good vibes and positive experiences for the kids as the reality of moving becomes more concrete.  And monkeys.  Lots of monkeys!



  1. Seriously, how could this not be fun? What an opportunity for all of you. Scary? Of course, but there’s a big world out there and this is an incredible,exciting experience. Prayers and thoughts (and good health!) to you. I flew to Australia several years ago when Matt was speaking at a conference. The plane trip is LONG (and was before iPhones and eReaders). Thankfully, you can walk around a bit. Call the airlines to check on the cereal! Have fun, Blinkmans!

    • Thank you Julie Momma! T minus 23 hours … and I’ve just about got everything done and ready! Let’s compare calendars, and meet for an extra extra large ice cream cone in Stillwater …

      • Dear Laura et al.
        You are about to have a fabulous and memerable week! Star a diary because dome of these impressions will never happen again ( that will be good in some instances). You can move around and your fellow captives in the air should provide diversion along with sleep and movies etc. Can’t wait to hear all about it. LOove and Peace to each of you!!
        Aunt Vera

  2. i feel special to be mentioned in your blog! i am pretty great! so jealous of you guys – it’s gonna be a once in a lifetime experience!

  3. Safe travels. We only brought an air shipment too and are renting our furniture so that may be an option for you. Tons of people are selling furniture right now as June is a popular month for many families to move out of Singapore. Wanted to give you a tip, when a property is advertised as furnished or partial furnished, it usually means it has appliances, not furniture. We quickly discovered that in our home hunting venture. Good luck!

    • That is a great tip Jewel! Thank you! So I should expect to look for an empty home/apartment that has washer/dryer, stove & fridge … and call it furnished! I actually like that waaaayyyyy better!! I wonder if 3M realizes that my furnished home will actually be empty? I better check my relo package again and see about renting furniture. Where do you rent from ? I should take a look at this furniture rental store!

      Thanks so much for the help Jewel!

      How is your move back to the states coming along? Things lining up and coming together for you?

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