Sydney Australia in April

Okay, I'm a bit behind on my posting. I'm only up to April!! Yikes! I am going to do my best to get caught up, so in the next few days, you will see lots of new blog posts! Our flight left Singapore at 2 am on a Saturday morning. Which to the kids, is … Continue reading Sydney Australia in April

The Easter “Scoot” home from Sydney

Our return home to Sydney fell on Easter Sunday. Trents flight left two hours earlier than the kids and I (he met us in Sydney as he was already in Australia for work the week prior to our arrival). Sadly, Trent's flight didn't have the Easter entertainment that ours did, and being so quick with … Continue reading The Easter “Scoot” home from Sydney

Australian Christmas! Happy 2014 from the Gold Coast

Okay, it's mid-March. And I am FINALLY getting blogging about our holiday in Australia.  The part that started AFTER our adventure in the airport with our illegal Subway sandwiches.   Our rented condo was in Surfers Paradise,  right on the ocean.  From our 12th floor balcony, we had a view of miles and miles and … Continue reading Australian Christmas! Happy 2014 from the Gold Coast

What is it?

While in Perth we passed a lake with these signs by the road, of animal crossing. I just don't know what kind of animal this is ... Do you? We asked several people at the swim meet, even showed them this picture that Maria took. No one was really certain what kind of animal this … Continue reading What is it?

Cottesloe, Perth

Our last afternoon in Perth,  we totally enjoyed this beach.  The kids new Aussie friend Brody recommended Cottesloe Beach, said it was one of the nicest around.  He was right.  This beach is famous for it's terraced lawns overlooking the Indian Ocean.   The water was crystal clear, the powdery sand had a few shells, … Continue reading Cottesloe, Perth

“Watch List”

Christmas 2013 ... we were so lucky to spend Christmas and New Years in Australia. We had a fabulous vacation .. that started a bit rocky. By "rocky" I mean we almost spent our holiday in jail. I want to journal all about our adventures in Australia, but I must start at the beginning, when … Continue reading “Watch List”