Culture Class for Laura

The last thing I wanted to do on a beautiful summer day was attend a 7 hour culture class.  Nope, not interested.   But, knowing that I set the example for the kids, and their day of learning is next week,  I figured out a way to make this day-long class a happy occasion:  by … Continue reading Culture Class for Laura

Hudson Schools : End of the Chapter

Today was the last day of school for Maria, Shane & Cale.  But it was also their last day of school in the Hudson (Wisconsin) School District.  It was bittersweet ... the kids are feeling a bit blue and sentimental on leaving Hudson Schools and their friends here, but at the same time are very … Continue reading Hudson Schools : End of the Chapter


What a crazy, exciting, exhausting, busy, stressful week we had!  Our week in Singapore was a whirlwind!   I figured that I would pack extra bags and be a "pack mule" for this trip, jamming in as much as I could in these bags of things I could just leave in Trents office until we … Continue reading Whirlwind

House Hunters International

Got your attention by the title, huh? Tomorrow the kids and I are headed to Singapore!  We have been counting down the days, and it's finally here!   Kind of odd that we will be visiting this country for the first time, and we won't be seeing things through "tourist eyes" but as "residents" . … Continue reading House Hunters International

Maria’s Blue Eyes, Part III

This should be the final update about Maria's eyes, as Maria's eye condition has begun to heal and recover nicely.   At this moment we are feeling so blessed & fortunate that we have a happy ending to this story.  We knew there was something very serious going on with her eyes, but until yesterday, … Continue reading Maria’s Blue Eyes, Part III

Maria’s Blue Eyes, Part II

UPDATE! This past week Maria's blue eyes were examined on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  We go back on Monday afternoon, and it looks like she will continue to have many appointments going forward. On Thursday, the vision on her left eye was 300/20!  That was a low point for her, because she has … Continue reading Maria’s Blue Eyes, Part II

Maria’s Blue Eyes

Well ... this blog is supposed to be about our move to Singapore and our adventures and life in Asia as we settle in.  BUT ... this week has thrown us for a loop and may put a kink in our plans, so it's only fitting to share.   I have had a crazy day … Continue reading Maria’s Blue Eyes

Allergies in the USA vs Singapore

For the last six months, Maria has had a constant stuffed up nose.  She has became a mouth breather 100% of the time.   We tried antibiotics, over-the-counter decongestants,  the neti pot, all with no relief.   A visit to the ENT revealed that she has deviated septum which is severe enough she will need … Continue reading Allergies in the USA vs Singapore


Trent has traveled around the world in the last year, so he is up to date on all his vaccines.  The kids and I, well, we are a different story.  The 3M Relocation people gave us a list of "recommended" vaccines, and after reading and re-reading the list, doing some internet research on various diseases … Continue reading Vaccines!

How much do we know about Singapore?

In the past month, we realized that we know very little about our soon-to-be new home.  Trent traveled to Asia last year, so he has an idea of what Singapore is about.  The kids and I?  Well,we know NOTHING.  So, after some very basic internet researching, this is what I now know: 1.  Singapore is … Continue reading How much do we know about Singapore?


Yes, we are moving to Singapore!   And if you are interested in keeping up with the Blinkman Buzz, then you are at the right place!!   Stay tuned for updates as we Blinkmans prepare for an international move with two cats, and then continue to follow this blog to stay in the loop about … Continue reading SINGAPORE!