“Watch List”

Christmas 2013 ... we were so lucky to spend Christmas and New Years in Australia. We had a fabulous vacation .. that started a bit rocky. By "rocky" I mean we almost spent our holiday in jail. I want to journal all about our adventures in Australia, but I must start at the beginning, when … Continue reading “Watch List”

Crazy for Cronuts

Ever hear of a cronut? Well, a cronut is only the most delicious pastry you could ever taste. Its a croissant donut mix, and it’s heavenly. Fortunately for me, they are sold at a nice Italian bakery not far from our place. Unfortunately for me, they must have about as many calories as a big … Continue reading Crazy for Cronuts

The Buzz is Tops!

I won!!  I won!!  The Blinkman Buzz blog won the gold medal!!  I have the #1 blog in Singapore!!   This is a really big deal in this country, because every expat has their own blog.  I'm not kidding, when you meet someone, it comes up in your first conversation.   "How long have you lived in … Continue reading The Buzz is Tops!

The ‘Buzz is in a contest!

 I don't normally do contests and ask for votes.  But, here I am, asking for votes!  Let me tell you why ....  I was invited to share "Blinkman Buzz" on a website for Expat Blogs.  Once on that site,  the buzz was then a featured blog, and from there I was invited to participate in … Continue reading The ‘Buzz is in a contest!

Cales best photos ever! Plus a few other favorites from Bali

Cale took these photos from his phone while we were at Ubud Monkey Forest. We were told to keep all glasses, wallets, cameras, and phones in a zipped bag, but of course we had to take the chance that the monkeys would NOT take our items up into a treetop. These monkeys were crawling all … Continue reading Cales best photos ever! Plus a few other favorites from Bali

Bali, Indonesia

We are so blessed to be given the opportunity to live in Asia, there are so many fabulous countries and islands to explore.   Some of them are places that are familiar to us, but we really don't know much about the countries and cultures in this part of the world.  Trent and I have … Continue reading Bali, Indonesia

Ganesha under a tree

Walking through a park yesterday, I noticed this small Ganesha under a random tree off the path, and found it to be quite interesting. In a landscape of all green, it was shockingly colorful, and anything but ordinary. I couldn't help my mind from wondering who put it there? How long ago? Do they come … Continue reading Ganesha under a tree

The Ion Panda

This iconic panda sits in front of the Ion, the most recognizable and well-known shopping mall in Singapore. I've walked through this mall, with it's eight levels of shopping (four above ground and four below ground), and managed to get so turned around that I had to go outside the building to find my way … Continue reading The Ion Panda

Typhoon Haiyan devastates the Philippenes

This past week, the world watched on their televisions the devastation and destruction inflicted by Typhoon Haiyan.  It is difficult and sad to watch, as the survivors struggle to find shelter, food, and water. My live-in helper and friend, Leny, is a humble Filipina lady who is reeling from this, as she sits helpless in … Continue reading Typhoon Haiyan devastates the Philippenes

“One of these things”

This picture is of all the 12 year olds who competed for Swimfast Aquatics on Sunday for the 29th Annual Junior Inter-Club Meet.   I LOVE this photo, but when I look at it, I cannot help but start singing that Sesame Street song, you know the one, "One of these this is not like the … Continue reading “One of these things”

Shane competed for Swimfast @ the 29th Annual Junior Inter-Club Meet

Did ya know?  Maria, Shane, and Cale love to swim!  They love to compete in the water!  With our move to Singapore, one of the biggest stressors for our family was swimming.  Would it be a good idea to leave Coach Bob and Coach Jen?  They are the best coaches we've ever had, and to … Continue reading Shane competed for Swimfast @ the 29th Annual Junior Inter-Club Meet

Marine Ball

We were graciously invited  to the Marine Ball here in Singapore to celebrate the 238th birthday of the United States Marine Corp.  Scott and Susan both work at the United States Embassy, they were able to invite guests, and we are so happy that they chose us!Having never been to a ball before, I set … Continue reading Marine Ball

Race The Dead 5K Zombie Run

First, let's make this clear: I am NOT a runner. Oh, I try to fake it at the gym, and a couple of times I have run outside. I've always said, my entire life, that I don't run. I will only run if a monster is chasing me. And even then, I may just drop … Continue reading Race The Dead 5K Zombie Run

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme just came to Singapore this past month, and I Just happened to be in the area the other day, of course, I wanted to eat some Krispy Kreme donuts. br /> Apparently everyone in Singapore wants to eat Krispy Kreme donuts. I stood in the queue for about 30 minutes, which was the … Continue reading Krispy Kreme

Leny’s Recipes

  Leny serves up the most fabulous, mouth-watering dishes ever. Nearly all of the meals she makes for us she does from her head, or she will look at a recipe and tweak it. Leny is Filipino, and lived there until she was in her 20's. At that time she came to work in Singapore, … Continue reading Leny’s Recipes

Chicken head in my sink

MARIA BLINKMAN, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, STOP RIGHT NOW. YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE THESE PICTURES. My live-in housekeeper Leny ("helper" in Singaporean) wanted to roast a chicken, but I had no idea that mean she would be doing this!!! I told her if Maria walks in, you cover it, because if it is … Continue reading Chicken head in my sink

Monkeys Galore!

Inspired by our lone Subway monkey last night, Trent and I went in search of monkeys today.  We decided to go straight to Bukit Batok Nature Reserve, about 11 kilometers from our condo.  At the entrance of the park, there is a nice WWII memorial, and then trails leading off into the jungle.   Armed … Continue reading Monkeys Galore!

Subway Monkey

Tonight, while eating dinner at Subway, we spied a little monkey!! We were at the Bukit Timah subway, which is a high traffic road, with lots of construction activity. I think this little guy is living in a tree right by the Subway, where there is a new building going up. I plan to stop … Continue reading Subway Monkey

One Pesky Gecko

Oh, there is a smart little gecko living under my refrigerator.  And this little lizard is having a load of fun tormenting my kitties. Jazz & Jayda sit in the kitchen and meow and carry on, until I cannot take it any longer.   I pull the fridge out, and then both kitties immediately try … Continue reading One Pesky Gecko

Hari Raya Haji

Today is a public holiday in Singapore.   It's Hari Raya Haji 2013.  School was cancelled and Trent didn't go into work.  I had no idea what this was, and when I googled it, I found that it's a pretty big deal.  Especially in this part of the world.  Singapore has a nice mix of … Continue reading Hari Raya Haji

The Fuzzy Egg Shell

This is what I found today when I opened my pack of eggs. Up until now I hadn't really thought about eggs, although last week one of my eggs had a blob of dirt on it, and while I washed it off, I wondered if it was really dirt or something else.    So after … Continue reading The Fuzzy Egg Shell

Rachel thinks we are worth Priority Mail prices

My sister Rachel sent a box to us, all the way from Iowa.  The silly girl used Priority Mail!!   She went shopping and picked out some items for us that would be perfect for our first Halloween abroad. She filled out the mandatory customs form, and off the box went, straight to Singapore.   … Continue reading Rachel thinks we are worth Priority Mail prices


It's true ... McDonalds delivers here in Singapore!! Oh we giggle at these delivery men.  They all ride motorcycles ( of course, it's the only way to get anywhere fast here ) and they have big heavy cooler-backpacks strapped on them.   And they deliver right to your door. I once saw one of these … Continue reading McDelivery

Green whip snake

Photo credit to Scott Gifford. He snapped this photo of a lovely green whip snake at Dragon Kiln Pottery. He was especially keen to show me this pic because he knew I was planning to visit this historic kiln the next day. I was on the look out for this neon fellow, being especially careful … Continue reading Green whip snake


You might call them critters, bugs, insects, snakes.  I call them terrifying.   Some of them are straight out of a horror movie. Oh, if you ask one person,   you'll be told that no, there are no snakes here.  The next person you ask will tell you there are.  Who to believe?  Well, I … Continue reading Critters

The Weather is here, wish you were beautiful

Every morning we walk out of our air conditioned condo into the balmy tropical temperatures.  Singapore is nearly on the equator.  That means it is hot here, right?  Well, it is hot, but not an unbearable, cannot-go-outside hot.  The range is between 26 to 32 degrees C ( which converted is 80 to 90 degrees … Continue reading The Weather is here, wish you were beautiful

Bintan Lagoon, Indonesia

We were told that this year there is a "bumper crop of holidays" built into the school year, and that we should take advantage of every long weekend to explore.  So last week when the kids had Thursday and Friday off from school for teacher inservice days, we took off for Indonesia.   We all needed to … Continue reading Bintan Lagoon, Indonesia

Two shoes

Okay, so it's true, I just figured out how to upload pictures to this blog directly from my iPhone.  This picture is pretty funny, I think  that it is something I really must record in this journal. This picture was taken on the second day of our landing here in Sing.  We were all extremely … Continue reading Two shoes

Driving with Trent & Siri

Trent is a pretty good driver here in Sing.  He's downright mastered the aggressive driving piece of it.    But, he has no sense of direction whatsoever.  Well, to be fair, neither do I.    It's almost comical.   Our brains are so twisted with British style driving,  the traffic,  and all the newness & … Continue reading Driving with Trent & Siri

Friday the 13th! I’m not superstitious, just stupid

My morning began as most of them begin for me ... get the kids out the door for school, then I drop Trent off at the office.  When I say this, it sounds pretty simple, I just take him to work, right?  Well, it's not simple by any way.  He office isn't that far from … Continue reading Friday the 13th! I’m not superstitious, just stupid

Ikea Singapore

Furniture.  We need some furniture!  3M gave us an furniture allowance, and so I need to make this allotment furnish as much as possible.  I check out some local furniture showrooms, and find the prices are so high!  A couch for $7,000!  Oh my!  How can I possibly furnish our condo on the amount given? … Continue reading Ikea Singapore

A Monkey takes a dip in the condo pool!

Our condo,  called "Gallop Green" has the most beautiful pool.  Being a family that centers nearly all of our activities around a pool, swimming, or water, this pool was very appealing to us when we were trying to find a home here in Singapore.  The kids took one look at it, and declared that this … Continue reading A Monkey takes a dip in the condo pool!

The end of the 30 day jail sentence for kitties

I was counting down the hours until I could pick up Jazz & Jayda from quarantine.  When 10:00 am Wednesday finally arrived, I was at the Sembawang Quarantine Station ready to get my furry babies and bring them home.  We had visited them twice, and each time, both cats seemed to miss us very much.  They … Continue reading The end of the 30 day jail sentence for kitties

Two weeks later ….

I cannot believe that it’s been two weeks past since my last post.   LIfe here in Sing is starting to get more settled for us here.  As we only arrived with clothes and some personal effects, I had to get busy setting up the condo and making it livable for us.  Fortunately, during Trents … Continue reading Two weeks later ….

18 Suitcases!

I know, I know!  I haven't updated in a while.  I've got lots to post about, as we have been living in Singapore for not quite a week now.  We officially landed on this island last Thursday, August 8th, at 2:00 am.   That's Wednesday 1:00 pm Central Zone time. Confusing, right?  We made a … Continue reading 18 Suitcases!

Blinkman Kitties World Tour

Jazz & Jayda are the babies of our family.   They were born under a tree near our house, and hit the jackpot when my three kids spotted them 8 years ago. The kids love this brother/sister duo, and so when it came time to planning our move to Asia, I knew it would be … Continue reading Blinkman Kitties World Tour

I love Space Saver Bags! The Movers are here!

You've seen the commercials, right?   "Too much stuff?  Not enough space?"   Well,  this was an issue that I was up against.  Why?  Well,  our deployment to Singapore is considered short-term by Trents employer, and so we don't get a big container shipment that moves our things by, literally, a ship.  We get two small … Continue reading I love Space Saver Bags! The Movers are here!

Sweet Parents : Sweet Grandparents

The past few weeks have been very busy with friends and family,  fun events, and farewells and final goodbyes.  Our parents don't live nearby, and so we are fortunate that they were able to make time to travel to our house to  spend some time with us.My parents came in from Pennsylvania, traveling by car. … Continue reading Sweet Parents : Sweet Grandparents

Summer Reading

Thought you might like to see what I'm reading this summer!  The first couple of books are very interesting.  Trent doesn't have time to read, so I am highlighting some key points for him.   Thankfully it is easy reading, because I am finding that I only have a minute here and then another minute there … Continue reading Summer Reading

Culture Class for the Kids, Culture Class & a Blizzard for Trent

   Last week the kids had their day of learning when Liz came to our home to educate the kids about their upcoming life in Singapore.     ***  Yes ... my walls ARE purple, although not that purple.  For some reason it is really bright in this photo.  Please don't think my walls are painted the … Continue reading Culture Class for the Kids, Culture Class & a Blizzard for Trent

Singapore Haze

Korea has Psy,  the USA has Jay-Z Singapore has PSI & Hay-Z Have you seen the news?  The haze in Singapore has reached record levels.  What haze? Where is it from?  Trent has been talking to us about this for days now, and I've been following it pretty closely on the internet.   I've had a … Continue reading Singapore Haze

Culture Class for Laura

The last thing I wanted to do on a beautiful summer day was attend a 7 hour culture class.  Nope, not interested.   But, knowing that I set the example for the kids, and their day of learning is next week,  I figured out a way to make this day-long class a happy occasion:  by … Continue reading Culture Class for Laura

Hudson Schools : End of the Chapter

Today was the last day of school for Maria, Shane & Cale.  But it was also their last day of school in the Hudson (Wisconsin) School District.  It was bittersweet ... the kids are feeling a bit blue and sentimental on leaving Hudson Schools and their friends here, but at the same time are very … Continue reading Hudson Schools : End of the Chapter