Dengue Outbreak

Despite all the mosquito fogging, dengue is a very real problem in Singapore. It rains here nearly every day. It’s humid, all the time. Perfect conditions for mosquito breeding. Fogging cannot possibly control all the mosquitos.

And the numbers of reported cases of dengue fever are on the rise.

There is one cluster outbreak near our home in Singapore, I noticed this sign as I was riding my bike home from the market one morning.


The next week I rode by again and
noticed that there were now 10 cases of dengue in this area near our home.


Dengue is very serious, and can be life threatening, so each of us must do our part to stop the mosquito breeding by eliminating any standing water around our homes.

Here is a link to a very popular Singapore blogger, Mr. Brown. He wrote and composed “The Mozzie Wipe Out Dance!” Check it out, it’s a super cute video of Mr. Brown and his family!

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