Things you didn’t know about pythons in Singapore

Okay, ever since the python in the pool incident, I am freakishly hyper-focused on pythons in Singapore.  So I did some digging, and here’s some information about them, this is my list of things you probably didn’t know about pythons in Singapore.

**   Back when there was more ‘wild’ space in Singapore, snakes were more common.  Enterprising snake-catchers would sell their goods for $50 a piece.  The reticulated python is the world’s longest snake, even longer than the giant anaconda.

**  There is a reported incident back in 1965 of a python that attacked and tried to swallow a 10 year old girl.  That was a 20 foot snake in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.  Yes, I have been here and hiked, but only saw monkeys.  Will I go back?  Probably not.

 ** Back in the early 80′s there was a man from Chinatown who would catch pythons, and then serve freshly killed python meat his restaurant customers.  They say it has a lot of bones and does NOT taste like chicken.

**   People in Chinatown used to worship a female python named Soon Teck, who reportedly laid over 60 eggs on the 9th day of the Lunar New in 1985

**   A nearly 20 foot monster, twice the length of the Toa Payoh swimmer, was caught in Lorong Marzuki in 1986, an area fondly known as “Pythons Place”.  Currently there are quite a few people living in Toa Payah who think the snakes are breeding in their area of Singapore.

**  In 1990, a customer went to get cash out of an ATM Machine, and instead had a small python that came slithering out.  This was also in Toa Payoh … same place where the snake was in the pool two weeks ago.  Seeing a warning here?  Beware of snakes when in the Toa Payoh area of Singapore.

**  Snakes have been found in the oddest places.   It’s true, here in Singapore some come up through the toilet bowls. So don’t ever flush dead fish or hamsters,  down into the sewers.  Your dead pet becomes their food.  This article was posted on May 8th, lady bit by python that came up through her toilet!

** Some have been found in the hood of cars, curled up and keeping warm by the engines.   Some come right into the house when you open a window!


** In the last 9 months, since living in Singapore, I have met 3 people who have had close encounters with snakes.  One slithered out of her air conditioning unit that was on the ceiling in her kitchen, another had one fall out a tree into her baby stroller,  and the third had one come out her water drain on the floor and grab at her broom when she was sweeping.

**  If you find a snake and you hire a pest-control team to remove it, it will cost you up to $600.

**  Snakes weren’t so tenderly microchipped and escorted back into the wild in the past. They were bashed to death by hockey sticks, decapitated by axis, or shot by the police.   Today you can call ACRES to have the professionals catch your animal visitors.


ACRES Office (general enquiries): Tel: +65 6892 9821
ACRES Wildlife Crime Hotline (24-hour): Tel: +65 9783 7782
ACRES Wildlife Rescue Hotline (24-hour): Tel: +65 9783 7782
Fax us: + 65 6892 9721

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 5.03.00 PM

And this my friends, is the last time I shall post about snakes.  Unless I have my own snake encounter ….


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