My favorite photos of India

This beautiful young lady wanted her photo taken, but was really shy.



Old lady with psychic parrots



This sweet boy also wanted his photo taken,  but became super silly when I went to take his picture.  His friends in the background were all laughing at him.




I met this young man in the slums, he was hanging out, not doing much of anything.  The common theme with my photos ?  Everyone smiles, all the time.  Their eyes light up, they smile with their entire being.



Love this photo!!



This lad made his own guitar, out of old cardboard and stretched rubber bands.  Yes, it worked!



This sweet grandma lives at the Snake Temple, and she sits quietly with her granddaughter all day long.



Sweet mom with her baby at the flower market.



These two men were hilarious, they flagged me down, wanting their photo taken.  They didn’t speak any english at all, but words were not needed.



This group was sitting on the stairs going into the flower market.  I had to climb down past them on my way out, and I turned to get a quick photo, taking them off guard.  A couple were quick with their smiles though.



Then as I went around the corner, they wanted another picture taken, which of course, I obliged.





This lady and her grand baby live in the slums, and Kaveri told me they are considered the wealthiest in the area.  Yes, they live in this small metal cage.  It’s their home.




And this man was my absolute favorite.  I LOVED the grey in his hair, as you don’t see much grey hair in India.  The men are very vane, and they dye their hair with henna (according to their religion it has to be all natural products, so they use henna, which is plant based) and it turns their orange.   But this man didn’t do that, he stood out among all the rest.


And he knew what a “selfie” was, and this is my favorite selfie ever!!  We both had the same reaction at the same moment …  looked at each other and made faces at the exact same time!



  1. Great collection of photos from your India trip, and will make a great additions to your expanding album. Some should find their way into frames for a longer remembrance when hung on your walls. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love following your blog and miss you tremendously! Keep the pics and blogs coming! Love you flygirl!

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