Two Broken Noses

Two broken noses in two weeks.   It really is a good story …

In gym class, Son #1was swinging his long arms, I think because his arms get tired from swimming so much, and also because the kid cannot sit nor stand still.  Ever.  So he’s in  gym class, swinging those long arms, when BAM!! Morgan runs right into his outstretched arm, her nose getting smacked by Son #1’s hand.  She gets a bloody nose, which won’t quit, and goes home from school.  When the kids got off the bus and told me this story, I immediately call Morgans mom, who answers my call from the ENT’s office.  Yes, Morgan had her nose fractured and will need surgery to repair it.  Yikes.  Morgans mom was so nice about it, saying over and over that accidents happen, no worries,  it’s okay.  Son #1 feels terrible, he’s a mess over this, and we learn that her surgery is scheduled for the following week, on Thursday.

So … fast forward to Thursday.  Son #2 gets off the school bus in the afternoon, and tells me he ran smack into another boy in gym class, and his nose hurts real bad.   I’m thinking, no way.  No flipping way.  So I take Son #2 to the ER for X-rays, and sure enough, he has a fractured nose.   Karma hit the wrong  twin.

So that night I call Morgans mom, to check on how she is recovering from her surgery, got the name of her ENT, and next thing I know, Son #2 is scheduled for surgery.  I mean, you cannot make this stuff up.  Does this ever happen to anyone else?  Or just my family??

The day of his surgery, Morgan is in for her post-op visit, exactly one week ahead of us in her broken nose journey.  The Dr. Adrian said that he rarely does nose fractures repairs, and to do two in two weeks is unheard of.  Oh, and to find out that the two patients know each other, and the story behind it, was just too much.



So the two with their new noses are out of sports for a while.  I think she is wearing a face mask to play softball, and Son #2 is not allowed to swim at all for a while.  And both kids are prohibited from playing dodgeball in gym class.   Dodgeball!!


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  1. The joy of motherhood!!! Hope you all recover from the physical and emotional (Shane) ailments. Love Sheena

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