Outrageous grocery prices

I’ve been snapping pictures while in the grocery market, because some of the prices are just plain shocking. Thought you might like to see these.

















    • Good question! Back in the states, I always bought everything I could in bulk. The larger the box or container, the cheaper it would be. But it wasn’t really about the price difference, although that was a bonus. It was more about not having to go to the market every other day. It was a time saver! I would go once every month to Sams Club for a big load up of bulk dry goods … cereal, peanut butter, canned goods, etc. Then once a week I would hit the local grocery store for produce, dairy, and frozen items. I had more storage room in my home back in the states than I do here in Singapore so I could do that easily. Although, I would find the room here if I had to. My boys go through about 15 boxes of cereal alone each week!!

      • i think that’s why quantities are so large. you buy more and it will last longer. but for some reason i enjoy the act of grocery shopping. i go with my little lists and am very proud when i come in under budget. i think the mistake that people make it, they buy it just because it’s big or on special. they justify, if i buy a gallon, i’ll get so much more than if i bought 8 small ones…

    • I know right!! It took me awhile to get over the sticker shock. I just buy things now without looking at the price. And we waste nothing. Every last drop is consumed!

  1. Amazing high prices. How do the locals deal with the prices? Their salaries must be HUGE….that or they don’t shop for these items and prefer local flavor and/or required sundries.

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