The Ion Panda

This iconic panda sits in front of the Ion, the most recognizable and well-known shopping mall in Singapore. I’ve walked through this mall, with it’s eight levels of shopping (four above ground and four below ground), and managed to get so turned around that I had to go outside the building to find my way back into the parking garage.

I have a pretty good sense of direction, but the funky design along with the many escalators, added to my awe of this place, it’s no wonder that was totally confused and mixed up.

This panda sits out front, along famous Orchard Boulevard. It’s pretty cute, don’t ya think?

The Ion is a must-see place here in Singapore. You can click on this link to see a store directory and learn more about this popular mall.




  1. The shopping in Singapore is awesome! Even if you don’t buy it is fun to see all the different retailers that are not in the United States. Like traveling and never leaving town!

    • The shopping is great, and it’s everywhere! There are so many malls here, each multi-level with hundreds of shops in them, it’s amazing! I’ve only hit a few so far … Far East Plaza, Lucky Plaza, Takashimaya, Isatan, and of course Ion. Hundreds more to go!! Wish you were here with me to show me where to go first!!

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