Competing for Swimfast @ the 29th Annual Junior Inter-Club Meet

Did ya know?  My kiddos love to swim!  They love to compete in the water!  With our move to Singapore, one of the biggest stressors for our family was swimming.

My twin boys have joined a local swim club, Swimfast Aquatics.  This is a team with a terrific reputation, not only in Singapore, but throughout Asia, because they continually produce high level swimmers.  We are thrilled to be part of this club!  The coaches, swimmers, and parents have welcomed us into their group, and the boys have quickly adjusted to their new team.

This past weekend, there was a very big meet for the local swim clubs, mostly for bragging rights on who has the fastest kids, age 12 and under,  training at their pool.  For each event, each club could only send their top two qualifiers.  So two months ago Swimfast had time trials, to find out who would represent them.


The wonderful thing about competitive swimming is that it’s black and white.  You either make the qualifying time standard, or you don’t.    There is no debating on whether you were first or not, and there is no “eye balling” to gauge this … it’s black and white.

Son #1 qualified to swim in the maximum allowed events. Hewas looking forward to representing Swimfast, and the morning of the big meet, he proudly wore his new  “I love Swimfast” tee shirt.

First event of the day:  200 Individual Medley, one of his favorite events.  He always cleans up on this one, and as his momma, I’m gonna brag a bit here, he was the fastest 12 year old in the United States last year to swim this event.


So, I was hoping that he would do well, but since we took a week from his training to go on holiday, I wasn’t too sure what to expect.  But true to form, in typical style,  he took first place in this event, setting a meet record, and achieving a personal best time.  He then competed in the 50 Freestyle, 50 Breaststroke, and then he was part of two relays teams.  In all, he took 1st places in every event, had 3 personal best times, and he set 3 Singapore meet records.




This is my buddy Ardi, who set a new meet record, shattering the 15 year old record.  It was so exciting, and I really felt like I belonged when he came running over to me, still dripping wet, to get a high five from me.  I love all these kids and how hard they work, and be part of the excitement and share the joy he was feeling was really special.


Son #1 came home with some really  nice medals too!  I’ll tell ya, in Singapore, they do them up right, even engraved on the back!!



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