Leny’s Recipes


Leny serves up the most fabulous, mouth-watering dishes ever. Nearly all of the meals she makes for us she does from her head, or she will look at a recipe and tweak it.

Leny is Filipino, and lived there until she was in her 20’s. At that time she came to work in Singapore, and she spent many years working for a Chinese family, where she learned to cook authentic Chinese meals. When I met her, she said that she did not know how to cook western food, however, within only a day or two, she has already figured out how to take the recipes in her head and adapt them so that my very picky American kids will eat. Leny will watch what we eat and how much of it, and she seems to figure out what it is liked and not liked by each of us. I would like to share some of our favorite dishes with you!!



Sweet & Sour Chicken




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