Monkeys Galore!

Inspired by our lone Subway monkey last night, Trent and I went in search of monkeys today.  We decided to go straight to Bukit Batok Nature Reserve, about 11 kilometers from our condo.  At the entrance of the park, there is a nice WWII memorial, and then trails leading off into the jungle.   Armed with mozzie spray (mosquito repellant), water, and camera, we treked along the concrete trail.




The scenery in this park was unbelievable!  It was the most peaceful place that we have been since we arrived, and we were stunned that this place was mostly deserted.  There were a few enjoying picnics, and others who were strolling the paths, but considering there are 6 million people living on this island that I can drive the perimeter in a morning, it seems to be one of the best-kept secrets of Singapore.  


Image 3

Image 15

Image 16

Image 14

Image 25

Image 8

Image 7





It didn’t take long until we spied the monkey or two.


Oh wait, wrong picture, haha.



There were about 40 of them, big ones, old ones, tiny babies.  Some were just sitting and watching, others were playing in the water in the drainage canal, some jumping from tree to tree.  We even saw what looked like a newborn clinging to it’s momma.  





The sign said to keep a distance of 3 to 5 feet, and yes, that is about how close I got to these creatures!!  It was fascinating, and I was completely unable to stop watching them.  After a few minutes, Trent was ready to keep walking, but he had to go on alone because I couldn’t take my eyes off the cutest little baby monkey.  




Eventually I did peel myself away from the monkeys, and Trent and I continued on our walk.  It was too bad the kids had so much homework … they were at home at their desks working on algebra and science, poor things.  We planned to get the kids and head back in the late afternoon, once the hottest part of the day had past, but unfortunately, we had one of the sudden famous tropical rainstorms instead.

Here is a picture of one of the biggest creatures that we saw. He kept looking directly at me, and of course, I kept snapping photos. When I got home, and saw this picture, it was a bit creepy! Don’t ya think??


Here are some other monkey pics that I took.






Trent took this video on my iPhone … check these out … Five little monkeys playing together!!

So … thrilled that we got to see some Singapore monkeys up close, we hiked back to the car … to find this:









And, of course, one last video:

3 thoughts on “Monkeys Galore!

  1. Was at Bukit Batok Memorial last weekend and saw one one of the monkeys steal a bag of bread from someones car. It was hilarious. BTW, my husband and I tried exploring the other side of the quarry and found a lost trail there. Just do a google search for “Little Guilin” and you should find some info on it – quite an interesting walk but no monkeys!

  2. A hidden trail? Wow! Sounds like I need to check it out! Thanks for the tip! The monkeys are pretty bold there, aren’t they? Not mean and aggressive, it’s more that they have no fear if humans. Sad really.

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