One Pesky Gecko

Oh, there is a smart little gecko living under my refrigerator.  And this little lizard is having a load of fun tormenting my kitties.

Jazz & Jayda sit in the kitchen and meow and carry on, until I cannot take it any longer.   I pull the fridge out, and then both kitties immediately try to squeeze back near the wall, crouching down real low and peering under the fridge.  I look and don’t see anything, and I push the fridge back into place.  The cats continue to carry on, so I move the giant appliance again, and next thing I know, I see a little pesky gecko run out from underneath and straight to the door leading outside.

The cats spend hours either peering underneath the crack of the door to the outside (which, to my dismay, is big enough for any type of critter to slither in, crawl in, creep in, fly into my house) or they are crazy trying to get under the fridge.

Every single night this pesky little gecko plays this game with Jazz & Jayda.    We’ve all heard of  “cat and mouse” right?   but “Cats & gecko?”   All night long the cats are trying to get this little lizard, and then they sleep all day long.  Will it ever end??  Will Jazz & Jayda be constantly teased by this pesky gecko, and I awaked to move appliances during the darkest part of the night?    Oh you pesky gecko, if the cats don’t get you, I will!!!



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