Rachel thinks we are worth Priority Mail prices

My sister Rachel sent a box to us, all the way from Iowa.  The silly girl used Priority Mail!!   She went shopping and picked out some items for us that would be perfect for our first Halloween abroad.

She filled out the mandatory customs form, and off the box went, straight to Singapore.   Being an honest gal, she listed each and every item that was in the box.

Today, a delivery man showed up at my door, and man was it exciting to open this box!!  This is what was so thoughtfully packaged up for us!!!


Oreos!!  Chocolate!!  Cinnamon Coffeecake Mix!!  Braches orange pumpkin candy,  come cute tea towels, some decorative pumpkins,  and of course, some creepy spiders.

There are two very amazing things about this package.  First,  no food of any kind is allowed to be shipped into the country.  None whatsoever.  But despite my sister listing these items on her form, they passed through inspection!  We were convinced that some agent somewhere was gonna totally pig out on my chocolate and oreos.   But by some miracle, all of our goodies arrived, safe and sound, and the chocolate wasn’t even melted, even though our temperature today was near 90 degrees!!   Second, the cost to ship this box.  Look at this!!


Rachel is so sweet to have sent this to us, because nearly all of these yummy treats are unavailable here.  Oh, we can get oreos, but they are made in Indonesia, come 3 to a pack,  (which is a major problem when my always-hungry twin boys can each easily eat 20 cookies at one time) and they don’t taste like the ones made in the good ole USA.   Nor do they have enough “double stuff” in the middle, as you can see from the picture.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

So thank you very much Rachel!!!   We all love you!!!

P.S.   I’m gonna hide these Halloween oreos from the boys.  By my calculations, each cookie is worth a solid dollar, and we all know that they will devour both of these packages in about 3 minutes flat, if I let them.These cookies will be rationed out, and I will use the “power of the USA oreo” to my advantage.  I’m not sure how, or when, so stay tuned!!!



  1. What would we do without our supportive families. Its the little things that really makes such a big difference. Way to go Rachel!

    • Isn’t that the truth!! I miss my sisters & sis-in-law so much!! It’s very strange to think that we are literally on the other side of the world. So stinkin’ far away from everyone we love.

      thanks for the email, sorry i haven’t responded yet, i have trouble managing my in-box. hired a helper, she starts this saturday, so once i get her settled i’ll maybe have more “me” time? I promise to respond … lots to tell you!!!

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