It’s true … McDonalds delivers here in Singapore!!

Oh we giggle at these delivery men.  They all ride motorcycles ( of course, it’s the only way to get anywhere fast here ) and they have big heavy cooler-backpacks strapped on them.   And they deliver right to your door.


I once saw one of these delivery men with a pack so heavy that he looked like he was ready to tip over backwards as he struggled to get on his bike.  I thought, what in the world does he have in there that is so heavy??

This past weekend, my daughter held me to my promise to order delivery from McDonalds.  I have been saying, “One day we will”  or “next week” , using any excuse not to order.  I knew it would be a slippery slope.    But my girl was put off long enough, and she opened up the website and got us all registered.

She began placing our on-line order, but got frustrated when she couldn’t order her bothers McChicken plain, so she passed the computer to me.  I placed our order, including three apple pies and the maximum allowed 20 packets of ketchup,  received my text with the activation code, which I quickly plugged in, and wa-lah, I was told our McDelivery would be at our door in 30 minutes.




Oh the anticipation!!  We all had our cameras ready!  We were ready to capture this moment, especially since I spent the last 25 minutes telling the kids not to get used to this,  that this will be the one and only time we will have fast food delivered to our door.

When he arrived, I threw open the door, dizzy with excitement.  Here’s a pic of the pool fellow.  He was happy to pose for a picture or two, and didn’t even seem to think it odd.  I suppose he’s had crazy expats take his picture before?




So .. for a well spent $35 (very very cheap for Singapore) we had a nice meal consisting of a McChicken and four double cheeseburgers, all up-sized, 20 ketchups, and 3 apple pies.  Every one of us commented on how much more delicious it tasted at our own kitchen table.   It turned out we loved our McDelivery and I see more of these meals showing up at my door in the future!!


oh, and here is a picture of ” seaweed shaker salt”  .  Every order of french fries comes with a small paper bag and a packet of this.  You dump the fries in the bag, and then the seaweed salt, and you shake the bag to even cover the fries!  Brilliant!!


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  1. I so enjoy reading your adventures in Singapore. I especially love the picture of the delivery guy. I’m sure you made his day. So how was the meal? Taste like the states?

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