Two shoes

Okay, so it’s true, I just figured out how to upload pictures to this blog directly from my iPhone.  This picture is pretty funny, I think  that it is something I really must record in this journal.

This picture was taken on the second day of our landing here in Sing.  We were all extremely jet-lagged, almost to the point of being sick.  The kids and I spent the entire day at their school doing orientation things, while Trent met the movers at the condo, and with the heat & humidity, exhaustion, emotions,  and sheer stress of being moving to the other side of the world,  it was a humdinger of a day.  By now my legs and feet are swelling, still recovering from the 20 hour flight, not drinking enough water, and the heat.

After we finished at the school,   we searched out some western food, and the only place we could find was a McDonalds.  So now, add too all the other torment to our bodies, add greasy food.   I’m proud to say that I was smart enough to bring an second pair of sandals, thinking that I could maybe switch shoes to relieve some of the aches and pains.

But, I wasn’t smart enough to switch BOTH shoes.

After our lunch at McDonalds, we decided to be super healthy and have dessert at Wendy’s (they have a copy-cat blizzard  that’s out of this world), and it wasn’t until we were standing in line that I noticed that I had two different sandals on.

Mercy mercy!


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