Driving with Trent & Siri

Trent is a pretty good driver here in Sing.  He’s downright mastered the aggressive driving piece of it.    But, he has no sense of direction whatsoever.  Well, to be fair, neither do I.    It’s almost comical.   Our brains are so twisted with British style driving,  the traffic,  and all the newness & strangeness of living in a foreign country, that if it weren’t for Siri, we would never find our way anywhere.  

I’m not sure how our good friends Mike & Sue managed to live here without iPhones & Siri helping them.  It must have been a true nightmare.  

Funny story about Siri … we bought our iPhones here in Singapore, and so Siri speaks to us a a man with a British accent.  One of the first days here, when we were so jet-lagged and lost, we were asking Siri to give us directions.  He kept coming back with the answer “I don’t know of that, but I can search the web for you” .  You know what I am talking about, right?  

Trent was so frustrated, and he started yelling to Siri, when suddenly it occurred to me that he needed to ask Siri using a fake British accent.  Once our home address “Woollerton Park” became “Woooollllertin Paaark” , Siri easily helped us find our way home.  

Oh we had the giggles for a long time after that.  We have since reprogrammed our iPhones to the American female Siri, but when I feel like jabbing Trent, I will secretly change Siri back into Mr. London.  

by the way … I have a growing list of places in Singapore that I can get to without using Siri:  Swimfast practice pool at the Anglo-Chinese school, the Giant Hyper (grocery story, love the name right?) and Ikea!!  And that is after a month of being here!!  I’m telling ya, Singapore roads and traffic is overwhelming!!  It feels like this to us:




  1. Oh Laura – Your posts made me almost fall of my chair laughing this morning. Sorry my day gets to start off great – at the expense of your life experiences! And I totally disagree with your statement that you have no sense of direction – you can navigate the roads of downtown Pittsburgh like a champ. But Pittsburgh is no Singapore…

    Give our love to Trent, Shane, Cale & Maria.
    We love you – Rachel & Tracy

  2. I can’t imagine the traffic and staying on the correct side of the street! I get lost here in little NSB and I have lived here forever. I loved your Mr London Siri story
    Aunt Vera

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