The end of the 30 day jail sentence for kitties

I was counting down the hours until I could pick up Jazz & Jayda from quarantine.  When 10:00 am Wednesday finally arrived, I was at the Sembawang Quarantine Station ready to get my furry babies and bring them home.


We had visited them twice, and each time, both cats seemed to miss us very much.  They would jump in our arms, rub on us, meow a lot, Jazz even sat in my purse.   The facility was clean, although it did smell a bit.  The cats space  was very much like a cell … windows on three sides, a ledge, and enough floor space for their kitty litter box.   There was enough room for one adult to fit.


Well, when we visited … all five of us squeezed into this room.  Imagine the excitement!  Cats carrying on, fur flying ( they desperately needed brushing), some allergy sneezing, my tears, and then all the other cats in the facility crying as well.  We must have looked like such nut jobs on the video surveillance camera, but we didn’t care!

Anyhow, when I finally had the cats released to me, after signing many papers, I got the kennels into my van, and off we went.  After the 30 minute drive home with both of the cats making the most terrifying noises, we arrived at the condo, and  after managing to get both kennels in the lift and up to the fourth floor, I opened the doors to the kennel and the cats experienced freedom for the first time since mid-July.

Their reaction?  Complete chaos.  They freaked out.  Ran up and down the hallway, into and out of rooms so fast they were just a black blur.  Then they ran right into the closet in the master bedroom and hid in the darkest corner.  And refused to come out.  When I was able to drag Jazz out, he ran into the bathroom, and cowered under the sink, where he remained for hours.  They refused to drink or eat, and they seemed terrified of every little noise.


Can you see him under there?   poor Jazz.   I decided to lock them in the closet, which was about double the size of their cell, thinking that maybe they needed to gradually get used to big spaces again.  They were good with that, remaining quiet and calm for the afternoon, until the kids came home from school. Complete chaos again.  Fur flying, cats crying.

Cats crying?  You know what I’m talking about … that loud, alien sounding “MERRAOWL!”  that give you chills.  In our very unfurnished condo, the echos of their crying were unbearable.   They never stopped crying.  They cried, and cried, and cried.  All. Night. Long.

I spent the entire night cradling the cats like newborn babies, trying to get them to calm down.  Once finally relaxed and sleeping, I would put them in the back corner of the closet, but as soon as I would walk away, loud crying would begin.  This lasted for about 48 hours.  By the fourth day, they only cried when I wasn’t in the same room or when they couldn’t find each other.

They have been home now for 6 days, and things have calmed down considerably.  Jayda sleeps wrapped around my neck or on my chest.   She gets as close as she can to my head at all times.    If I leave the room, she follows me like a puppy, always underfoot.  When I leave the house, I have to cuddle her to sleep, and then gently put her in the back of the closet, where she now has a nice fluffy pillow-bed.   Jazz is also a bit mental …  I once found him cowering and shaking, trying to hid underneath the comforter on a bed.

Each day they get a little more secure,   they cry a little less, and with lots of attention and reassurance, I am hopeful they will forget the trauma they endured traveling to Asia.



  1. Wonderful to read your blog! Glad you are getting adjusted to Singapore. I have one question……How is Singapore adjusting to the Blinkmans???? 😉
    I can’t imagine driving on the left side of the road. That has to be disorienting. I see you have a van now. I just got traded my 10 yr old Chrysler van & got a Ford Escape. A lot smaller, but I’m getting used to it. What about the price of gas? Do you have gas stations like here?

    Your poor fur babies! The poor things have been through ANIMAL HELL, being separated from their humans, locked up for 30 days in a cube & then released into a huge new maze! They will require a lot of love & cuddle time from everybody.

    As far as furnishing your condo, I believe you will definitely be up to the task! You said the kids got to choose the color comforters for their rooms (hot pink, turquoise & orange), what color did you pick for your room?

    How are the kids doing in school? They were probably so excited and apprehensive at the same time. Do you take & pick them up every day? Lots of driving practice if you do.

    OMG……I have a million questions but I guess I’ll wait for your posts.

    XOXOX for everybody!

    Love, Terri

    PS…..need more pictures!!!!

  2. Poor babies- who would have thought the move would have been so traumatic? Hope they start realizing their new normal soon.

  3. So glad you have me home! The day before we left for our 2 week cruise, Macy Gray got sick and we had to board her. The vet only had room for one so Scooter stayed at our loft with a pet sitter coming in everyday. I am so afraid they both are thinking we abandoned them! I hope they are going to be okay until we get home.

  4. I can only imagine what you were going through. Poor babies. I am sure that “Mama” Laura will prevail. Tonight we will water your lilacs. I can’t remember the last time it rained.

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