One day.  Trent has one day yet here in Hudson, then he takes off for Asia.   He won’t be home for 7 weeks, and even then only for five days, the end of June.  He will come home one more time after that, to go the the Minnesota State Swimming Championships and the National Zone meet in Topeka, to help with the final closing of our house, and then we will say our final goodbye to the states for a bit.   This picture of him was taken for his work permit for Singapore.  All five us had to have “angry face” photos taken for our application for a “pass” in the country.  I’ll post the other photos later, they are pretty funny looking.


On Tuesday we packed up his office at 3M World Headquarters.   It was an emotional experience for us both.  We have done this before, back in 2002 when we moved from St. Paul to Chicago.  But that time we knew where we were going, what to expect.   This time we really don’t have any idea what to expect.   But Trent has worked for 3M for nearly 22 years,  and this will be our 5th move with them, and so we know that this will be a great experience for us.  It may be crazy for a few months, but things will settle down and we’ll find a new normal.

Trents new official title is “APAC Sales Excellence Area Leader”.  His objective is to improve sales performance for all of 3M in Asia Pacific.   Basically, sales in Asia are not growing as fast as they need to be, so he will be helping them to focus on selling “value” to convert competition.   The economy in Asia has been growing so fast that they are not accustomed to taking business away from direct competition, so they need to be taught how to be more aggressive.

He has a big big job ahead of him.  He is excited to get started and looking forward to making a difference for 3M.   We completed all our errands this week, were crazy people running around trying to tie up loose ends, and we managed to get it all done.

Tomorrow we will start the day with worship at our church, and then we will spend the day together, enjoying each others company and loving & treasuring each other.   We are so proud of you Trent!  I love you!!   Laura


  1. That picture of Trent is amusing…. He has to work hard at pretending to be angry! Thinking of you all today and wishing the family a peaceful, loving day.
    I am standing by, ready to support you….
    All my love…. Rachel

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